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It’s funny what 30 years can do, turn a photographer’s eye from outdoor action in the Alaska commercial fishing fleet to … boudoir? Yes, that’s right: Boudoir. Fell into it quite by accident when a friend asked if I’d take some pictures of her for her husband—and that led to me liking the process and the women liking the experience and their special someones liking the photographs too. What’s not to like?

Boudoir’s just the latest iteration of the Way Out West brand—there have been myriad projects and products including radio and TV ads—even billboards—but mostly photography along with writing and designing publications of every ilk. Now I prefer to work with beauty—beautiful women, beautiful photos, beautiful books. I’ve been around several blocks a few times and have an easy rapport with women I photograph. We only want you to have a wonderful experience and a good time, to feel fabulous and walk out of here with a smile on your face and a new sense of self. If you choose to share your photos with someone special they are sure to have a smile on their face as well!

Way Out West boudoir photography celebrates the art of capturing a woman's beauty and showing her how lovely she is—any woman. Because women are notorious for harboring bad body images, comparing themselves to—comparing themselves to everyone, actually. I know this because I'm a woman, and I bring that sensibility to my shoots. Self-conscious? Been there. Just relax.