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It’s funny what 30 years can do, turn a photographer’s eye from outdoor action in the Alaska commercial-fishing fleet to … boudoir? Yes, that’s right: Boudoir. I love the process, women love the experience and, if shared, their special someones love the photographs too. What’s not to love?

Boudoir’s the latest iteration of the Way Out West Creative brand from living across the West in Alaska, Arizona, Washington's Olympic Peninsula and Montana—Way, Way Out West. A couple decades as photographer/writer/graphic-designer on a multitude of projects mostly with environmental or marine topics and I happily found boudoir, moved to Tucson 2014 in the middle of writing a couple legacy coffee-table Alaska-fish books, which unexpectedly took a turn for a few years into photo exhibits, book signings and artisans markets in the Pacific Northwest. It took a pandemic quarantine to sit down and write my Alaska-fishing memoir, what I call my Covid book.

Creative is the umbrella of a lifetime's body of work Out Here Out West:

dba Way Out West Creative.

And now we have a boudoir wardrobe of sexy pretty slinky things and stilettos. Looking back from here gives me keen perspective and compassion—to better appreciate just how beautiful we are along the way when we don't even know it or believe it, to help women of all ages express themselves through flattering photographs. I love the beauty of boudoir—beautiful things, beautiful settings, beautiful photos, beautiful books of beautiful women. Through your own style of sexy, your own brand of boudoir, you'll see and feel your own beauty too. I love it all, after a lifetime in the North Country now happily planted in the warm and sunny desert Southwest, just another day in Paradise.

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