Your Personally Guided "Review, Rank & Select" Session

Once we have all these beautiful images you're going to have to decide which to keep. Tough job, like picking favorite children, but no worries—we'll do it together, and this is how it works:

Viewing images on my laptop in Lightroom is like a digital version of slides on a light-table and makes it easy to rank favorites, enlarge, group and compare, plus show how we can turn a good image into a great one post-production in the “digital darkroom”—to make your photos sing so you’ll love them even more. Also conversions to black-&-white or old-timey sepia.

I like to meet in person and proof together, we both get more out of it that way. What I might consider a stunning image you might not like at all. I’m looking at it artistically—composition, female form, color, clothing, all that—but you might see that one little thing you never liked about yourself. We’re all sensitive to something about ourselves even if no one else sees it, because we’re our own worst critic, right? Proofing together helps me get a sense of what you like and don’t like. It’s a fun process, but for a book can take some time too, just so you know for scheduling.

Too busy? We can keep it short and sweet, just scroll through and pick the ones you like.

Ranking Images with Stars into the Ultimate Wish List:
5 stars–Absolute Must
4 stars–Maybe
0 stars–Gone

Then we can call up all images you’ve starred and compare—all the 5s, or just 4s, see what we have, finesse your selections and let some photos fall away—to create a solid collection to draw from, using the stars as my guide.

If you’re decisive in whittling photo selection down to the number in your package we’re good to go—and you are a better whittler than I. Likely though, you will have more great images so you’ll have to decide: ruthlessly ax photos or add to your original package. But, really, having too many great images is a pretty good problem to have—and any optional expenses for venue or hair/makeup are good for additional photo credit.



Ta-Da! Definite 5-Star–Absolute Must

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