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Can I bring a girlfriend? Yes, please. :) She can help you dress and style your looks and even lend a hand. Please let me know in advance your intentions for who will attend. Sorry, partners not allowed, too distracting for the photographer–client connection.

Do you do boudoir photography for men and couples too? For men it's been called Doudoir, and for couples let's just call it Boudoir for Both of You. Please let me know what you have in mind.

Do I have to get naked? Oh My Word Certainly Not! Whatever your comfort level. Much of boudoir is just the suggestion of nudity—draping, lighting, "smoke and mirrors"—but as the shoot unfolds you may get more daring when feeling more relaxed too. Totally your call.

Although website and brochure are Rated-PG, you can preview more revealing images in sample books during a complimentary consult—and see an R-Rated racier brand of boudoir for a wider range of possibilities, in case you were wondering.

What counts as a “look”—is it an outfit change? Yes, but more a presentation than an outfit: hair, shoes, jewelry, draping scarves, gown, boa or just a twinkle in the eye—those are under the umbrella of a look rather than outfit. 
2 Different Looks: white slip dress (below) + corset & suede skirt
1 location (woods), 2 settings (rocks & shed).


Is there someone to do hair and makeup? Services are not part of packages but an on-site stylist can be arranged with adequate notice. Or bring a friend to help :)

Some boudoir photographers build this service into package cost—and many do a beautiful job with their brand of glam too. My brand of boudoir is more about revealing the beauty you already are. If you'd rather have a more polished look and prefer professional styling I’m happy to make that happen at pass-through cost (for one look they’re in and out, but for several looks they stay awhile through 2 or more setups).

When opting for on-site hair/makeup service the client's costs are offset with up to $160 in additional book photos.

Should I get a tan? Prefer not but if that's how you roll, watch out for straps and tan lines. Foundation makeup and a spray- or bottle tan can stain clothes. I love this shot below on the chaise, and tan lines from the sports-bra don't bother me—I think it adds to the athletic, natural woman that she is. But if they bother you, it could take a bit of work in the digital darkroom to smooth out skin tones—results not guaranteed, may not match perfectly, might involve an added fee for big jobs. Thank you!

Do you have a price list?
Yes, we'll discuss options and collections at the complimentary consult when you see the beautiful books. Products

Can I use photo credit toward the cost of the boudoir package?
Sorry, no. After purchasing a photobook or calendar collection you may get additional book photos at no cost to offset any monies spent for professional hair/makeup service or session venue. Partial photo credit may also apply more broadly to the photo session itself for more time/settings/looks.

What’s a consult?
Complimentary Introductory Consult: Prior to booking I meet with potential clients at no charge, no obligation so you can look at my work and photo style, leaf through boudoir books, ask questions, see if it suits you to book a session.

Planning Consult:
A photobook/calendar collection can include a second consult (included in package) to plan wardrobe and scout locations, settings and light, plus talk more about you, your comfort level, and what we can do together to make your experience and photos the best ever. 

When should I book my session? The shoot itself captures raw material and just begins the post-production process. The booking retainer reserves time and date for a photo session and also plans for available follow-up time to produce photo products.

Be sure to book the photo session with adequate lead-time to a finished product especially if a gift for a specific date! Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s??? Walking back from an end date determines production timeline and start date.

Book early—months ahead is not too soon, especially to produce photobooks (+ about 10 days printing/shipping). Book early!

Calendars have a much shorter turnaround time. 


What’s a Setting—is it the same as a location? In my parlance I call a place a location where we have settings—a home is a location and settings are the separate setups—it’s the variation in backgrounds we’re looking for. Outdoor and indoor at the same address count as settings at one location, but moving elsewhere for outdoor shots can be considered a second location, not included in most packages. Let's discuss.


Location (home) and 2 Settings (bar & bath):

Different Location (boat harbor):

What’s the difference between a model release and photo contract? A model release describes and grants rights-of-use: permissions and limitations to use images—standard these days, especially important with boudoir to guard privacy. If taking photos of people picnicking in a park, for instance, you need a model release to use those photos for any commercial purpose separate from journalism or private use. The photo contract serves as the business agreement for terms of services/products/payments. Details about cancellations et al. can be found in the contract rather than listed here. Just necessary paperwork called Getting Ducks in a Row.

What type of payments do you accept, and is photography taxed? Cash, check or credit card accepted, however there is a 3% servicing fee for credit. Arizona Dept. of Revenue requires photographers to charge sales tax on all services and products under the retail classification. Photography's different than other untaxed services—I checked.

What’s up with the non-refundable deposit? Well, I learned the hard way a client’s best intentions can … change, and there I am, all dressed up and nowhere to go. However, I recognize life happens, unforeseen whatevers, so there are caveats spelled out in the photo contract for rescheduling circumstances, or giving your shoot to someone else in a gift certificate etc. Talk to me if something changed and we’ll see what we can do, depending where we are in the process.

How soon after the shoot will I see my images? Usually within a week, sometimes just a couple days. Longer shoots = more photos = more time to curate and prepare the collection of proofs. Like photographing a wedding, I shoot to follow unfolding action rather than a series of poses, and can easily take 100s of images. Just like a wedding. This first swipe at edits and crops for proofing will be followed by detailed photo-finishing to finesse your final selections.

Do you retouch the photos?
In a close-up most everybody of any age has some blemish or vein or that one unfortunate flyaway hair we'd like to go away, but portrait and boudoir photography usually go to another level. We’re not going to make you into some new Photoshopped version of yourself, but we do want you to be your best self and LIKE what you see in a book or on the wall. So you want that scabbed knee gone? Done. Smooth this skin out over here a little? Done. My photo finishing is usually localized to enhance, but overall minimal and not heavy-handed. You’re just not going to become Barbie in my digital darkroom—my whole mission is to show you how beautiful you are in your own skin, not someone else’s or a pretend version of you. Those are called paintings. ;)

Continental Divide Ecological ConsultingContinental Divide Ecological Consulting

How do I proof my images? Let the stars be our guide!
Your Personally Guided "Review, Rank & Select" Session  (Link opens new tab under Guide/FAQS/Info)

It sounds hard to choose the exact number of photos allowed in any package—how do I nail that number?
Well, it is hard. It’s hard for me to reject a perfectly lovely photo because we hit the maximum; maybe you can do better. You could purchase additional photos or bump up to the next collection. Your photos and photobook are works of art, not numbers. Using the same photo twice in a book as color and black-and-white counts as 1 photo, the same image cropped into 3 different photos also counts as 1 photo.

I want to capture excellent images. I like variety—locations, looks, settings, props, book-page design—and your photos do no one any good on the editing-room floor. Let's see how many extras you have over the limit.
Does it cost more to add pages in a photobook package? Typically not. Adding photos and pages is related but not by hard and fast rules—number of photos on a page varies widely, from 1 photo on a 2-page spread to sometimes 3 or 4. Typically there is no charge for added pages, just added photos.
Exception—extra fee for layflat photobooks, except the Goddess.

What happens to my images—will they show up on the web?
Not if you don’t want them to. I know we’ll have some real stunning images on our hands, images I would love to show for portfolio and marketing and just pride of beauty and profession. But this is boudoir, and you may wish to not share private or intimate photos. Alas, my loss; but no worries, we’ll add details to the Model Release: Permissions/Restrictions for Specific Images or Types of Imageswhat is allowed or not allowed, for which images, what your comfort level is. Perhaps you'll approve use for images with no nudity, or allow PG-Rated images on the web and maybe R-Rated in private consults to show other clients. Or books and brochures O.K. but none online. Your call.


Do you offer discounts or specials? Occasional discounts at no particular time on the Boudoir Diva package, or offered to Bridal Boudoir and Pink-Ribbon Boudoir for breast-cancer survivors. Some restrictions apply.


What’s a Boudoir Referral Party and how can I go to one? Well, funny you should ask. You could host one and then reap the rewards in photo credit or bonus hours/settings/looks for your own boudoir experience. Invite friends over for a gathering and it becomes a group complimentary-consult where everyone can look at sample boudoir books, calendars, ask questions, try on some lingerie and stilettos to bring the idea of boudoir to life—all at no obligation or cost. For every friend who books her boudoir shoot—you get a discount! Hosting a Referral Party carries no obligation for the host or guests to purchase anything, but maybe someone finds the experience irresistible.

How far will you travel? I’ll freely roam the greater Tucson metro area within about a 15-mile radius from downtown; additional fees may apply for greater distances, and per diem for out of town. Destination boudoir!

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