Why You?  


LeAnn: single mother of 3 young children:
"When I feel like I'm just a Mom I go look at my photos and feel beautiful."

Because only supermodels are supertall, superthin and forever young—but their images surround us all to create an illusion of ideal, unattainable womanhood. We just can't measure up to that. When using superPhotoshopped beauty as our standard it's easy to grow insecure or feel inadequate. Women come in all ages, shapes and sizes—I want you to see the beauty of yours. This is it; this is your time to shine.    







Barbara: "Wow! Great photos Jana and what fun we had!!!! You are an amazing photographer and you made the shoot super comfortable even for this self conscious cowgirl!" 🤠

And should you choose to share your photos with a special someone, they'll be reminded how lucky they are.

Lynn: "I shared the pictures with my husband and he was really touched. He kept looking at them, & picked them up later & looked at them. It's just helping to solidify or bring us back to a loving and appreciative relationship."

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