LOCATION is the place, indoors or outdoors, where we create different SETTINGS as photo backdrops.
Usually a home or airbnb but It can be a mountain or desert landscape too .

Yours preferred. This style of boudoir flourishes in the client’s home for its variety of settings, familiar surroundings and personal connection. It’s her natural habitat—an environment she's created and adorned as part of her identity, a safe place to feel centered, reassured, at ease. Revealing her private self in her own domain lends authenticity to intimate, personal photographs—if gifted to a partner it’s sexy to see her photographed this way in the rooms and places shared, and they will think of your sexy self when in that room again.

Typically we’ll shoot in various settings in the home or an outdoor location. With setup we'll need several hours, though, and maybe your house doesn’t provide the privacy or settings or outdoor views you’d like. If your home’s not an option perhaps you know a friend with a spectacular property they will welcome you to use. If none are available for a photo session we might do an outdoor shoot at a private ranch for no cost, or I’ll book an airbnb &or hotel. Not included in boudoir pricing, location costs are added to the non-refundable deposit when booking a session—but, good news, venue cost is returned to you in the form of photo credit for additional photos.

OUTDOORS—following photos from Montana, Alaska, Nevada.

We do have Tucson access to a local Tanque Verde ranch, timing depending.

Both Home or Hotel/B&B can create a variety of lovely settings.


B&B/Hotel, 1-Room Suite
Carolina Bed & Breakfast, Helena, Montana


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