Breathe. Relax. This is going to be fun!
And please don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way, none too great or small.

How we roll ...

  • Complimentary Consult: Let’s meet, look at boudoir books and calendars, some corsets, some sexy shoes—who doesn't like shoes? 70 pairs of stilettos size 5-12 (tell me your size to bring samples). Let's talk, get comfortable, ask questions, make sure my style of boudoir photography feels right for you—that we’re a good fit. If you decide Let’s Do This Thing, well, then, let’s do this thing. Let’s book your shoot.
    • Select Boudoir Package/Location: Compare photobook and calendar packages, custom options, talk about locations and wardrobe ideas.
    • Book Photo Session w/ payment of $200 non-refundable retainer (toward cost of session) & signed contract listing payment schedule.
  • Planning Consult: Additional but optional to plan the photo session although may be part of initial meetup: to share your wardrobe, "shop" my wardrobe, try on stilettos, scout locations, settings and natural light.
  • On-Location Photo Shoot: Session hours/looks/settings.
  • Guided Photo Review/Rank/Select: Usually within one week after the shoot we'll meet for your personally guided review of a curated collection of proofs—in my laptop's Lightroom—for you to rank with stars and make final selections. At this time, once seeing your photos, you will fill in the model release specifying permission/conditions for photo use (more info below).
  • Photo Finishing for all final selected images—not to make you Barbie but to make 'em sing!
  • Produce Photo Products
    Design Book or Calendar with images selected, upload file to book publisher or calendar printer—&/or produce prints, wall displays, etc.
  • Printing & Shipping turnaround time factored into desired delivery date.
  • Product Delivery: Preferably in person.
  • Happy Face: Hopefully yours ;)

Once booked, now the Story of You starts taking shape, your time to start thinking what you’d like to wear. This is exciting! Dress-up and getting sexy, what’s not to like? I have a collection of slinky lacy things—corsets, evening gloves, slip dresses, draping materials and the like. Go through your closets and drawers gathering pretty things, borrow some from your best friends, maybe purchase a few key pieces. If the whole sexy concept hasn’t been your thing so far, look at lingerie shopping online just for ideas. The hunt is part of the fun.

One woman told me that in the time leading up to her shoot she gathered pretty things stealthily to keep it a surprise for her boyfriend, but said the whole thing was so exciting it was all she could do to keep from blurting it out!

What about the shoes?  Nothing sexier than high heels, the higher the better. Don’t worry about teetering on 4- or 6-in. stilettos; nobody said you have to walk in them. If no sexy shoes in your closet I have something adorable in your size, 5 to 12. No need to buy expensive shoes if you’ll never wear them again, but one thing about owning stilettos is having fun in your private sexy world—where you don't have to walk far—when they're the same sexy shoes in the photos, to your partner's delight (if to be shared with a partner). You could check for killer shoes at great prices in “gently used” boutiques or other thrift stores as listed under "wardrobe"—
Tucson lingerie & stiletto shopping suggestions

And don’t forget about boots—cowboy, lace-up, heeled (I have a boot in most sizes). Plus can’t go wrong with barefoot—the original sexy look. If a partner is a sports fan, the jersey always brings a smile. Happy to talk more about wardrobe anytime.



Bring a girlfriend! Really. If you’re sharing the shoot with a group (Boudoir Bevy) then this feature’s built in, but if you’re flying solo it really helps to have another woman with us, sort of your own Lady in Waiting to help with wardrobe, jewelry, hair, maybe even support and encouragement if you need it. And she could be an invaluable asset holding a reflector to give a boost to natural light, fill in some shadows—more flexible than reflectors attached to a boom. But please make clear that she must be a positive influence for you and cannot direct the shoot. It's a photographer–client connection.

Bring enough stuff. Rather than a hard number of Looks it's more about what fits comfortably within the boundaries of time, quicker if switching it up with accessories. Longer the shoot the more leeway to experiment with looks, but time spent changing things up is less time shooting, so it's a balance.

Between what you and I have there should be plenty to work with, but if an outdoor shoot also bring any touch-up tools for face and hair. Maybe pack for a honeymoon if that’s the look you’re going for, or try my tuxedo shirt, tie and fedora with garter and stiletto for a '60s' James Bond vibe.

Outfits, sure, but spare parts for variety too. We’re collaborators in a creative process.

Definitely bring your bra/panty set, or at least cheeky panties or thong!

THE LOCATION (link to more info)
The place, indoors or outdoors, where we create different settings as photo backdrops. It can be a mountain or desert landscape, a home or B&B, a boat ...


The photo backdrop set up with props and the best light. Settings can be in a house or just a room using different parts to create different settings—a chair, bed, bath, bureau by the window, a fireplace. In addition to equipment setup it usually involves a bit of rearranging as well, removing elements to de-clutter the surrounding area so as not to distract in a photo. Maybe remove pictures from a wall, roll up a rug, clear off a table, set up some little white lights, add some props, get the light right. We'll shoot in a setting, then change looks and settings.

Creating beautiful settings from everyday living is where the magic happens.



No worries—the photo shoot’s not stiffly structured or a set series of poses, but I’ll guide and make suggestions and we’ll see how it unfolds in a natural way. It’s all about you, how you feel, your comfort zone. You be you—and I’ll capture it. It’s amazing how someone with no modeling experience can embrace the part so quickly and completely—growing more emboldened with the camera to revel in a new-found freedom, stepping out of everyday skin to become or pretend to be whatever a heart fancies, much like an actor. It really is an experience beyond just taking pictures. You’re the Talent, I’m the Photographer/Coach. Trust me. Really.
This is gonna be fun.

Pink Ribbon BoudoirPink Ribbon BoudoirEliza Wiley Independent Record - Jana Suchy drapes a black coat over the shoulders of Jo Eschler as the Pink Ribbon Boudoir photo shoot moves from the horse corral to an old claw foot tub.



Jana M. Suchy

My brand of photography is rooted in outdoor action covering the rough and tumble wild ride of 1980s' commercial fishing in Alaska when still a wide-open frontier, giving rise to my specialty today—location photography shooting to follow the action as it unfolds, unscripted, to capture the true essence of a woman, beyond just posed.



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Link to: "Your Personally Guided "Review, Rank & Select Session" Typically within a week or less we'll meet to look through your curated collection of photos in my laptop's Lightroom to star your favorites—you only see the good ones; you choose your faves.

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