Why Boudoir?  


It's about a woman feeling good about herself—feeling fabulous because she looks fabulous. It's an experience. Transformative. Priceless.

Vicky: "Oh Jana! The photos turned out beautiful! You know how to make even a 69 year old look like a model! I had so much fun with all the clothing changes and props at my best friend’s beautiful home. I gave the book to my husband dressed in the blue flowered robe showcased in your photo book. He was blown away and wants to show the book to everyone who stops by. Thank you so much. You are so patient and kind and of course an amazing photographer!"

It's about seeing yourself how you want to look when your special someone looks at you, savoring every curve, every sultry gaze ...

because boudoir photography can be so intimate, so personal, so specifically for their eyes only (or not) :)—and no matter how lavishly someone may spend money, this is something they can't buy: the allure of you.

Sierra: "I was so happy to give my boyfriend the book—
& his jaw did drop! He was absolutely floored &
thought the photos were beautiful."

Robin: "Then I gave him the little black lacy thing that he saw me wear in the photos. Sweet." 

BEST. GIFT. EVER.  but do it for you!

Tiffany: "I haven't had so much fun in a long time. You made my day!"

Boudoir is photographing a woman and the female form as art. Out Here Out West we capture beauty in the most flattering ways in natural light, natural settings where she can feel relaxed, self-assured, comfortable in her own skin. We create images she may wish to share with others, but ultimately it's about a woman's delight when she sees herself as the beauty in the photo. A photograph is different than a mirror—it's proof positive.

Why boudoir? Because confidence is a foundation for building success and happiness in life, and confidence is the sexiest thing one can wear. Boudoir may be the best gift ever, but whether you intend to share the photographs or not—do it for you.

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