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Why Boudoir? Why You? 

Boo-dwahr', Boo-dwa' ... ? Many might be unfamiliar with the term and its French pronunciation (both work)—or how to spell it without Google. It's vintage French for the intimate bedchambers of a lady, presumably where she might be in her underthings as she dressed or undressed, perhaps while entertaining a special someone.

Way Out West Creative takes our boudoir to a broader interpretation, where it references photographing a woman in the manner of her choosing and wherever it may be—on top of a mountain, next to an old log cabin, in the trees, a meadow, or in the kitchen or a chair. Even in the intimate bedchambers of a lady. She may wear scanty lacy pretty things or cover herself with a whisper of a scarf. She might put on a fedora and tie with stilettos and an unbuttoned white shirt wearing little else, or satiny lingerie draping her curves made the more elegant with evening gloves, strappy shoes, and sparkly jewelry. Maybe she'll wear a cowboy hat and boots—with or without a corset—or we might just photograph her looking beautiful wearing a favorite pretty dress from her closet, as she wishes.

It's photographing a woman and the female form as art. It's about a woman feeling good about herself—and feeling fabulous.

Arrow: "Oh my god, I'm beautiful. I never knew I was beautiful!"

LeAnn, single mother of 3 young children: "When I feel like I'm just a Mom I go look at my photos and feel beautiful."

Sierra: "I felt like a Victoria's Secret model all day. This was an amazing experience!" 

So, Why Boudoir?

To see yourself how you want to look when your special someone looks at you, savoring every curve, every sultry gaze. For you to see that you are that beautiful woman —to see it so you feel it—and carry that glow with you. 

Robin: "Then I gave him the little black lacy thing that he saw me wear in the photos. Sweet." 

Sierra: "I was so happy to give my boyfriend the book—& his jaw did drop! He was absolutely floored & thought the photos were beautiful."

Boudoir because confidence is the foundation for building success and happiness in life. Feeling good about herself—feeling beautiful—will enhance a woman's self-image to help her become more self-confident. Way Out Here we capture her natural beauty in images she may wish to share with others, but we absolutely love to see a woman's delight when she sees herself as beautiful.

And, Why You?

Because only supermodels are supertall, superthin, and forever young but their images surround us all to create an illusion of ideal womanhood. When using superPhotoshop beauty as our measure it's easy to grow insecure or feel inadequate. Out Here Out West we'll capture your very own beauty in the most flattering ways. It can have a healing, transformational power.

Lynn: "I shared the pictures with my husband and he was really touched. He kept looking at them, & picked them up later & looked at them. It's just helping to solidify or bring us back to a loving and appreciative relationship. I don't have words to say it, but—thank you. I hope this mission of yours is such a blessing to many couples."