What's Boudoir?  

Tiffany: "It's empowering, that's what it is. It made me stop and appreciate my body
and where it's at in this time in my life. You provided that experience for me."

Boo-dwahr'? Boo-dwa'? Many might be unfamiliar with the term and its French pronunciation (both work)—or how to spell it without Google. It's vintage French for the intimate bedchambers of a lady, presumably where she might be in her underthings as she dressed or undressed, perhaps while entertaining a special someone.

Way Out West Creative takes our boudoir to a broader interpretation, photographing a woman in the manner of her choosing and wherever it may be: on top of a mountain, next to an old log cabin, in a tree, a meadow, the desert—or in the kitchen, on a chair, a billiard table, in the bath. Even in the intimate bedchambers of a lady.


She may wear scanty pretty lacy things or drape herself with a whisper of a scarf. She might put on a fedora and bow tie, paired with stilettos and a man's unbuttoned tuxedo shirt teasing the corset beneath. Or satiny lingerie clinging to her curves made all the more alluring with evening gloves and sparkly jewelry. Maybe a corset and garters with cowboy hat and boots. Or, wearing nothing but a smile:). We'll start at her level of comfort and see where she takes it, all captured and showcased in her own custom-designed hardcover photobook or 50-photo calendar.


Sierra: "I felt like a Victoria's Secret model all day. This was an amazing experience!" 

Tiffany: "If women can capture that, the femininity—a woman at any age, any size, needs to feel that. It's amazing."

Come Way Out West for photo artistry and design to let you shine.

You'll be amazed how amazing you look!


Your Own Style of Sexy,
Your Own Brand of Boudoir.

There is no one type of boudoir. Many assume it's all about studio glam—makeup and hair, hot & sexy outfits, mostly posed. Yes, it's that too. But it can be so many other things here. Even ripped jeans, half-naked in a tree.

This is your moment—to play dress-up with all those pretty things tucked in a drawer or my suitcases, to be adventurous and explore new horizons to find your style, your brand. This is half the fun, the experience—anticipation, gathering wardrobe, the shoot. The other half? Seeing the results, seeing yourself as the beauty in the photograph. I've heard gasps and whispered disbelief, looks and tears of wonderment and joy, a sense of new or restored confidence and a pride of self—a glow—you take with you in your soul, and in the custom-designed keepsake photobook.