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A Good Eye
A lifetime photographing an incredibly wide range of places, people and things, it boils down to having a good eye. Hiking in the Alps? Check. Covering commercial-fishing in Alaska? Check. Land- & seascapes, crittters, rafting the Colorado? Check check check. High-end residential and commercial properties in Hawaii, photos of people of all ages doing all sorts of things, 100s (1000s?) of environmental portraits. Yes.

Turns out it boils down to having a good eye—for composition, balance, content. You can work to  develop an artistic eye but if born with it it's like speaking a native language. Rest assured, Way Out West Creative brings all this experience and expertise to your project—plus we also have sophisticated Lightroom and Photoshop tools to enhance the good stuff and "fix the many many things that can go wrong. We aim to make your photos sing! 

Sure, everyone has phone cameras now, and some people take some darn good photos too. Are you one of them?
What the difference between a snapshot and photograph can look like.

Have Camera Will Travel
Specializing in location photography, I come to you, at your convenience. Where do you want to shoot? If no space in mind we'll discuss your preferences and I'll scout locations.
Professionally printed hard- or softcover PHOTOBOOKS + PHOTOS—prints/canvas/metal.

No set rates, custom pricing tailored to the project, not by the hour.
FREE CONSULT/no obligation—we can talk by phone and also meet to discuss your project, scout location, review portfolio photobooks.
Project Scope & Price Agreement—tell me what you have in mind and we'll build your shoot and products to fit.
Book Session/Deposit—if all systems are Go and you wish to hire my services, book a session for small projects (under $300) with a minimum $75 nonrefundable payment and projects above $300 with a nonrefundable payment of 25% total cost.
Payment Schedule—most projects, final payment due at photo session before shoot, large projects may, at my discretion, pay 50% at shoot with the last 25% upon delivery of products. If projects grow from original scope (i.e., more photos, adding book, digital files or other products), payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

Quick Scroll of Photo Galleries with Links to see more:
indoors/outdoors + action/posed
PETS & CRITTERS: (gallery) We could shoot in the home, yard, dog park or other space with a photogenic background, such as desertscape or greenery.

PROPERTY/REAL ESTATE: (gallery) Obvious! Your place for sure.

PEOPLE: (gallery) Typically doing things in their "natural habitat" or other surroundings to create a photograph with a relaxed or natural look, we go where the action is—we go where you go.

& PORTRAITS: (gallery) as either a close-up in most any convenient setting or a natural setting to show a person in their environment—either indoors or out-, a general photogenic place or something specific such as a workspace, home, boat harbor, that sort of thing. Hence "environmental portrait." Much more interesting.  Additional portraiture

2nd Shooter/Wedding: (gallery) Catching candids showing people un-posed, more off-the-beaten-path-type photos while the primary shooter documents all the traditional wedding shots, the whole ceremony. all those group portraits et al. Hard for one person to do both. I like to start clicking while folks are getting in place for a posed photo—freeze-framing that laughter, interaction and relaxed demeanor is priceless.



Trash-the-Dress: And don't forget a Trash-the-Dress shoot! Don't really have to trash the dress, but the idea is to go outside to some pretty place after the wedding day—a lake, park, mountain, desert, jumping off a dock, riding horseback, motorcycles, just some special place or activity in your relationship—and in the bride and groom's wedding finery we take happy photos with the wedding stress behind you and your whole life together ahead of you. After keeping the dress unwrinkled and pristine for the big day, and before putting away the dry-cleaned special garment in a box—get some more mileage out of it with awesome photos showing the happy newlyweds in nature.

Action–Commercial-Fishing Alaska: (gallery) Learned my craft on the docks and boats of Southeast Alaska—catching action, environmental portraits, people, boats. Days of film photography, so you can imagine I took a lot of pictures to make sure I got the shot (a developed a week later!).

After fishing the back deck 3 years I worked another 3 as fish writer/photographer and this body  of work has appeared in magazines, Seattle restaurants, wrote a few coffee-table photobooks, mounted photo exhibits in the Pacific Northwest, designed calendars.

If you find my work a good fit, let's photograph your people, pets, property or portraits!